Vacuum Sealers are great in many areas. The most common usage is for cooking and keeping food fresh. But they can also be used for other purposes such as to store first aid kits, important documents, and so on. There are 2 types of vacuum tool, external and chamber. These models have their own advantages and disadvantages and sometimes, people can be confused to choose the one that suit their needs. If you are searching for the model that suits you, you have come to the right place. The advantages and disadvantages that the 2 models have over each other will be listed below.


External Vacuum Sealer


This model is the best for home users which won’t use this machine too often and people who travels a lot. They are small, easy to use, and far more affordable than the chamber model. The most popular design for this is the counter top model where you can just simply open the tray, put your sealing bag in, and close the lid. The problem is, you seal liquids in them. If you want to seal say, soups, you need to freeze it first before you vacuum seal the soup. The cause of this is that the machine takes out the air through the open end of the sealing bag directly. This model is the most popular and many manufacturers make this model because they are cheaper and there are more people who find this model suits them well. FoodSaver is the most popular manufacturer along with Weston and VacMaster. SousVibe Supreme also make some external vacuum Sealers as well.



Chamber Vacuum tool


This machine is the best for all kind of purposes, be it for heavy usage in your house or even in meat processing factories. Chamber model offers the best performance but they are heavier and more expensive. This model is pretty easy to use. Simply open the lid, put the stuffs you want to vacuum seal to the big space, close the lid, and you may relax. Chamber model is capable to remove all the air from the chamber. When the heat raises, the machine will apply the seal to the bag. You can seal liquids without any worries because of the sealing method. Although the machine itself costs far more expensive than external ones, this doesn’t apply for the bags. In fact, the bags that you can use for chamber model are up to 80% cheaper than the bags for external model machines. Because the bag is cheaper, frequent use of this machine won’t hurt you as you can replace the broken bag with other cheaper bags as long as the size is suitable with your machine. VacMaster is the leader in this model for its affordable price and amazing performance. There are other manufacturers that make more expensive models, featuring things such as programmable interface, electric pressure sensors and so on but they can cost thousands of dollars. If you have that much money to spend on a machine like this, you can grab one to deliver you the best cooking experience.



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