No one likes throwing away food. But we have all been placed in situations where we have no option but throw away some food. This is because we do not have means of storing our food in a manner that will keep the fresh for later use. This is where we are wrong. We do have the option of preserving food for later use by sealing them in vacuum savers. Vacuum savers is a name popularly given to food vacuum sealers  due to their function of saving or protecting the food inside them from decay through the methodology of creating a vacuum inside the bag so that no air comes in contact with the food. They are also called food savers. The name fits the product quite aptly. Not only do these bags save food from decay, but they also help in preventing wastages. We no more have to throw food away simply because we do not have a means or space for storing them. These vacuum bags serve both the purposes. They do not require much space and hence can easily fit into a small place in the freezer which is already quite stocked up with other food items.


Advantages of using food savers: - Thanks to these vacuum savers, the ease of preparation of meal has increased. They save a lot of time since meals can now be cooked in greater quantities, enough to last for a week or more, and stored in these bags. All one now has to do is to take out one packet for every meal, reheat it and food is ready for serving. Another very common situation we all have encountered is the arrival of guests unannounced. During such times the host generally feels quite flabbergasted, not knowing whether to attend to the guests or prepare a meal for them. Thanks to vacuum sealers, back up for such times can be kept, thus reducing the anxiety of the host. Food saver vacuums available in the market are quite user friendly. All one needs to do in order to use them is to first segregate food items to be stored, next put them in separate bags and finally plug them on to the food saver vacuum and watch the magic happen.


Disadvantages of using food savers: - In spite of all the ease and utility of using food savers one point to be noted here is that the use of these food saver vacuum machines can sometimes not be cost effective as many of these machines tend to waste a lot of packing material while switching over from one bag to another. In such cases, one can opt for older techniques of preservation like using air tight containers and plastic bags.


Vacuum food savers are offer a lot of convenience and help to people especially those people who are working and cannot give long hour to the kitchen every day. There are no free meals in today’s world and these sealers too come at a cost. It now depends on individuals if they are ready to pay the price for the said convenience or not. 


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